The first edition of StarShip was an outstanding success for EIT Health, for the organizers and for fellows as well. Please find 2017 teams, projects below.

2017 teams and projects


Freshwater Team/ Sepsis Alarm

10 people die worldwide every minute from hospital-acquired sepsis. Our project is based on the software solution that will automatize sepsis detection in patients in intensive care settings. This would enable the treatment of patients in a timely manner and reduce the mortality and cost.




Our project is designed for healthcare providers, med personnel and patients. It aims to simplify their every-day workflow administration, reporting, recurrent tasks). In order to do so, we use speech processing and smart connected devices. The positive outcome is more personalised and friendly service patients), less of the administrative burden personnel), control & increased performance managers)


Make our schedule

Physician’s rotation calendar scheduling is an exhausting and challenging work for the chief of staff, taking up to 20% of their time. Our solution is a web and mobile application based on artificial intelligence technology, specifically using a genetic algorithm, for the creation of the automated calendar scheduling. The scheduling calendar uses the feedback of chief of staff and practitioners as the input of the system to create calendars maximizing doctors satisfaction by the prediction, identification and avoidance of potential conflicts.

Nebula-X (Winners of 2017)

Colorectal cancer is the 4th most common type of cancer and 2nd deadliest in the USA. Colonoscopy is the preferred procedure to detect and remove colorectal polyps, which can evolve to cancer. However, there is an astounding 22% polyp miss rate. In addition, due to physical discomfort, inconvenience, and embarrassment, this method is disregarded by patients. Nebula-X is developing a safe, comfortable (minimally invasive), cost-effective and accurate solution to detect colorectal polyps in order to increase compliance and reduce polyp miss rate.



Picollo is a mobile application that aims to address the clinical staff need for a simplified, easy-to-use and fast drug administration tool in the hospital. Picollo, will be operated via personal mobile phones or tablets by hospital personel involved in the drug flow and administration in hospitals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administration. Picollo’s aim is to remove paperwork burden from the care team associated to drug administration and will ease communication between them through an interactive mobile drug management hub in real time.


Red4Med is the integrated solution which enables the physicians to take the right decision about doses of the X-ray examination and avoid the extra radiation risk for the single patient. Red4Med will be delivered to each health care unit for free, according to the social responsibility. The easy and fast access to the extra radiation risk calculation could lower costs of the potential medical error.