Starship FAQs


Is there any pre-requisites to participate in the Starship program?

All applicants will be selected based on the defined criteria by the academic team. After the selection (that will me made until March 20th) there will be a introductory webinar on the 22nd march at 15:00-17:00 CET (please pre-book your agenda in case you submit your application for the program) where all the program will be presented. After the selection, the only pre-requisite to enrol the program is to sign a one page declaration where you accept to commit with the program and its rules as well as issues related with image and video authorisation, confidentiality and Intellectual Property ownership.

Will I work individually or in teams?

All the participants will work in multidisciplinary teams with different backgrounds and from different geographic locations.

How will the teams be defined?

The academic team will propose the formation of teams to balance skills, professional and scientific experience and motivation of the candidates.

Should I bring my own challenge/business idea to be developed during the program?

No, The program is based on challenges that will be presented by the Industrial partners to the participants and the teams will work on one of those given challenges;

How will the challenges be selected?

Each team will have time to consider each of the challenges and select the teams’ top 3 preferred challenges (by order of priority). The academic team will afterwards consider the whole team preferences and distribute the challenges to the teams.

What is the additional commitment of the Starship besides the participation in the planned workshops?

It will be necessary to commit on average, one week per month to the team work. Besides the workshops, it will be necessary to commit time to do observations in real clinical settings, develop assignments/deliverables between workshops, visits to industry partners and key opinion leaders/institutions/potential clients; intermediary teleconferences with academic team to do updates on the development of the deliverables and get some support.

Which are the criteria to get the Starship diploma?

Each participant will have to attend at least 3 of the 4 workshops and contribute actively in the team towards the development of the business case.

Who will own the IP of the final solutions to be developed?

The industry partner will have the right of first refusal to further collaborate on future developments of the solution. The authorship of the solution is owned by the team. The Starship coordination will promote actively the collaboration between the industry partners and each team to further collaborate of future developments of the solution.

How will the participants be evaluated?

The participants will the assessed by the academic team (attendance at the workshops, active participation in the team, development of final business case to be presented, etc.) and by the team peers who will assess each other regarding each one’s commitment with the team effort.

How will I have access to the 5500€ subgrant?

All the participants will have access to the subgrant as long as they sign a subgrant agreement form (confirming that they will obey the rules of the subgrant scheme). You will pay the expenses with your money and afterwards you must submit the receipts (detailed information regarding the content of the receipts will be given) to the coordinator that will reimburse you those costs by bank transfer.

What are the eligible expenses supported by the subgrants?

Only travel and accommodation is eligible for the subgrant. Meals are not included (although generally lunch meals will be provided during the workshops). Expenses should be planned and communicated to and approved by coordination in advance.

Will the reimbursement of these expenses be made only at the end of the program?

You can decide if you want to receive all the expenses only at the end or in shorter periods (for instance after each workshop or travel). But please note that to make each reimbursement the expenses should be reported with the original receipts attached.

How long does it take to get the reimbursement?

On average 1 month but sometimes can take 1,5 to 2 months.

What if I have more than 5500€ expenses for the whole program?

In principle the amount will be enough to cover all expenses. But if you spend more than the given grant, this extra budget should be supported by the participant.